Thursday, April 4, 2013


The time has finally come where we men no longer need to peer over or significant(female) others shoulders to see what is new on pinterest. We no longer need to take the ridicule of wanting to sign up for an account or browse the site. There are now numerous Pintertesque sites dedicated to MEN or Manly things. Yes I have already wasted numerous hours browsing these sites and they are actually pretty awesome.

I have recently read a couple of articles saying that these sites are  "pure, unadulterated sexism".  Really? I think its just the fact that there is a lot of good stuff on pinterest and the way the site works is genius. However, most guys don't want to see wedding dresses, how to decorate cupcakes, knitting, and pictures of Ryan Gosling with his shirt off(all I have to do is look in a mirror). Most males like the DIY, travel, some of the cooking, and other ideas. But there is a lack of men's fashion, sports, and men's related health stuff on the site.  Its pretty clear that Pinterest is a female focused site(maybe not its intention) and there are finally similar sites for guys., dudepins,, and are just a few of these new sites. Sure there are a lot of women in bikinis and stuff like that but it can all be filtered by your personal interests.  Its nice to have a site with men's fashion trends from a mans perspective, and grooming tips, and cool cars. With all this stuff comes a plethora of guns and knives and other weapon related stuff(not what I am into). But this is whats great about the sites. There are things for every mans interests. All the sites work on roughly the same basic principles as Pinterest and are easy to sign up for and start using.

I am sorry ladies if your men read this and get extremely addicted. Perhaps I have opened Pandora's Box when it comes to the internet.....but its great!!!! So men rejoice in the fact you no longer have to peak over shoulders or try to figure out What the heck "Team Edward" means  or see another crocheted baby hat.  MANTERESTING IS HERE!!!!!!!

Also, here is a link to an article that I just found and is pretty interesting in its point of view. 

How do you feel about thses sites?? Sexist or Not so much?

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