Monday, March 11, 2013

Keeping my Promise

A few weeks back I told my wife I would write about anything on my blog that someone suggested to me. So of course to put me in my place she said to write about crimes against women(or something along those lines) and forwarded me an article.

When I opened the article I figured it would be some anti-male, feminist, men suck, kind of article....well, in some ways that is exactly what it was but for good reason. We men are causing so much harm to women and scaring them and I don't think the majority of us(men) know it.

I am not saying that all men are the problem, but I am saying that as men we are the problem. I, myself, could never imagine hitting a women or doing anything even close to assaulting a women. unfortunately not all men see it that way.

Please read this article and then continue reading. It is an eye opener to say the least.


Wow. That's all I can say about the article.
I had no idea how bad violence against women was. I remember reading all about the teenage girl who was gang raped and then had the videos pasted all over youtube and the internet......then to add insult to it people said she deserved it because she was drunk. The people that said she deserved it must have been males without sisters or mothers or something like that. I say this because what if you told these ignorant people that every time YOUR mom or sister or female family member gets drunk she deserves to be raped.........I bet that would kind of change their perspective.

I can not imagine feeling unsafe walking alone at night regardless of where I live. That's what it has come to though. I asked my wife and she agreed that she doesn't feel 100% safe walking alone anywhere.

I think as men we need to look out for the women in our lives and, in fact, all women. Some of us have young daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts etc that we care about and want them to feel safe. I hope people will share this article with every man and woman they know. It is too strong of a message not to be passed on.

To my wife.....I told you I would write about it!!!!!

While writing this blog post I also came up with a bit of an analogy. Men are like the Toronto Maple Leafs while the women in our lives are like Toronto Maple leaf fans. No matter how dumb, bad, beyond hope and help we are(men), the women in our lives still love us and think we have a chance to be better.

Also, Happy Belated International Women's Day

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