Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Little things.....

I do not often get overly excited when I purchase things that I need. Especially small things. However this weekend I was at the Atlantic Superstore, which is the same as all the Superstores throughout Canada, and came across a travel tea tumbler that I have had my eye on for a month or so. I did not want to buy it online and pay for shipping and I had not been in a tea shop that sold them. So when I saw it I knew I had to buy it. The best part is it is only $14 and the reviews for it are great.......which cannot be said for a lot of  travel tea tumblers. Its called the Aladdin tea infuser mug. It has a built in infuser basket that can be lifted via a lever out of the tea once your tea had reached the appropriate steep time. Its ingenious design allows you to actually be on the move while your tea steeps and take the basket out of the tea without opening the mug. No other mugs allow you to do this. It prevents over-steeping and bitter tea. I have been using it the last few days and its awesome. Keeps your tea hot for quite a while and the mug does not get too hot to the touch. Also its a double walled BPA free plastic and its microwavable(not the lid) and dishwasher safe(not the lid).

basket  retracted into lid

Basket released into mug

I highly recommend buying this mug. Also if you drink coffee the basket filter is fine enough that you can brew your coffee on the go as well(I have not tried this). This mug is very solid...does not feel cheaply made and hold quite a bit of liquid...a lot more than many tea tumblers on the market. For the price and how well it works I give this product a 9.5 out of 10.

Along with my new mug I also purchased some genmaicha from David's Tea. $10 for a full tin(including the actual tin). My wife had informed me how much she like genmaicha from her time working at a sushi house and I also like the tea there so I decided to buy some. This was easier than trying to make my own by roasting brown rice(which I tried and was pretty happy with the outcome).  The tea is very good. Reminds me eating sushi at Opa sushi in Prince Rupert and other sushi houses. If only it came with actual sushi.

Tin full of nutty buttery genmaicha!!!

On Tuesday I received 4 free samples of tea from NINA's Paris, which is now available inn North America. I tried the Je T'aime tea as soon as I got to work. Its black tea blend with vanilla and caramel. It smelled amazing but I did not really like it all that much. I do not really drink black tea so its hard for me to really judge this. There were also 3 other samples in the package which I have not tried yet but I am sure I will very very soon. 

My new obsession with tea is starting to take up a great deal of cupboard space which includes kettles mugs, cups, tea tins and infusers along with lots of other things. 

My favorite mug for at home is my teal infuser mug from David's tea. I love this mug and it looks super cool along with my White chai from Teavana.

I am drinking so much tea that I am starting to look and feel different. i think it works for me though

Now to totally change gears and look at some major news in the world of running. South African runner, and National Hero, Oscar Pistorius known as the blade runner has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Oscar shot his girlfriend to death claiming he thought she was a robber and did not notice she got out of bed. When I heard this I assumed he had used some blades to kill her and not a gun. However word is that his excuse probably wont stand up in court and that he does not have a leg to stand on. Sorry It has been a few posts since I put in any inappropriate humor and jokes.

Until next time...............when in doubt, PINKY out!!!


  1. Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend was a model. I never thought he meant it when he said he'd kill to have legs like hers.


  2. As funny as it is to make poke fun at Oscar it is actually quite sad how little is said about the loss of his Girlfriend Reeva. I do not know if she is getting attention in SouthAfrica but it always seems like the celebs get the attention and everyone else involved is almost left nameless. It would be nice to see Celebs not get any attention for anything other than their actual career ie)running or acting etc. I knwo this wont happen and I am as much at fault as anyone for talking about Mr.Pistorious and not Reeva.