Thursday, January 31, 2013


With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching I figured I may as well blog about football for the first and only time until next years Super Bowl.

one thing that has always bothered me about the Super Bowl is the ridiculous halftime shows. I am sure the players don't like the extra long delay between half's and I know that 'Actual' football fans rarely enjoy the performances either. The NFL caters to its real fans for an entire season until its most important game. You have fans of both teams playing in the game as well as every man between 15 and 99 watching regardless of whether there team is playing or not. At least if you are going to have a long halftime show make it enjoyable to the average football fan....not too his wife and people who only tune in for the commercials and halftime show. Arguably there have been some great performances at halftime, such as Paul Mcartney, ZZ top and the Blue brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and the Rolling Stones. However the NFL choosing to throw in PRINCE, Gloria Estafan(twice), The New Kids on the Block, Madonna, Britney Spears, N'sync, and Janet Jackson. I am not sure if this is appropriate for your fan base. I dont recall sitting around with my buddies watching the Super Bowl and saying 'I cant wait for Madonna to perform' or some boy band. Even The Who, whom I was pretty excited to see perform were terrible. All pre-recorded and simply terrible.

The one good thing that does come out of the LOOOONG halftime is the fact that you can concentrate on eating a variety for Super Bowl fare. From Wings to pizza to Giant steaks the eventually give you the meat sweats by the middle of the third quarter. Not to mention the focus you can put on beer drinking and drinking games or darts or Beer Pong or whatever you decide to do while avoiding watching halftime.

There are some good things about the Super Bowl. Take the commercials for example. Most are hilarious and most feature scantily clad women ....which is what football fans want to see, hence the reason every team has cheerleaders. Also the game itself. Yes, there were alot of crappy Super Bowls in the nineties but since 2000 there have been more great ones than not. This is what fans want to see. Sure fans of the teams playing would liek to see there team route the other, but on a whole a good game makes for a better Super Bowl and Super Bowl party.

As for Super Bowl parties themselves we men look forward to them starting on opening day. Its a time to drink too much beer, eat too much food and talk about sports for up to 5 hours straight......On a Sunday no less!!!! However, this is not the place to bring your girlfriend or non-football watching friends. Sorry, its one day that's all about football. Its like how men don't bother there wives and girlfriends while they watch the Oscars or Emmy's or Sag awards or ask to join in a viewing of Sex in the City. Just give us this one Sunday a year( along with every other Sunday during the football season, and possibly Saturdays if you are a fan of college football as well), and we will be happy.

When it comes to the 49ers vs the Ravens it appears on paper that it will be a great. Both teams have great defenses(not so much for the Niners in the playoffs) and can run the ball effectively. Will it be a war off attrition?? I dont think so. Along with great defenses both teams also have offenses capable of putting up big numbers. Look for Boldin from the Ravens or Frank Gore from the Niners to be game MVP's. Flacco and Kaepernick will be focused on be the secondary players will be the difference makers. I think it will be a close game until midway to late in the fourth when the Ravens will pull away.


*I am in no way a Ravens fan, I actually like the Niners more and will be happy no matter who wins.

Hope everyone has a SUPER SUNDAY and enjoy the game and festivities to go along with it!!!!!

Oh and here are some videos of what we will see if the RAVENS win!


  1. I am not sure how you feel about Dylan (I love him) but when I saw this, I actually cringed until I realized it was a joke. The song isn't bad though.,91770/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=standard-post%3Aheadline%3Adefault

    1. This is funny. I am not a Dylan much as Ive tried. I agree he is a great story teller, poet etc. I just cant get into how he sounds/voice. I enjoy a couple of his songs but thats it. And Beyonce is much more attractive than Dylan, so I give her the edge on who I would rather see at halftime.